Manilam Decorative Panel emphasises on manufacturing best quality laminates for commercial as well as residential purposes. Our R&D team focuses on technological excellence with a view to enhancing the customer experience with its vast product range, durability, quality and consistency. Our effort is always to match and try to supersede market trends and global perspectives.


Some features that make us stand out are given below:

  • We make 100% Pure Phenolic Products
  • Commendable colour fastness as a result of the main pigment used on the latest intercontinental designs
  • Suitability for modular furniture, desk fronts, cabinets, wall racks, kitchen workstations, and counter tops
  • Thermo forming of the laminates to the lowest radii of curving and bull nosing for convex
  • Higher Elasticity, smoother surface with no sharp curves after forming giving a clean and uncluttered look
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