1mm Decorative Laminates are an ideal surfacing solution for awesome aesthetics to interiors at both commercial and residential places. The distinctive features of the laminate sheets offer great benefits like, availability of wide range of textures and colours, high durability, etc. Manilam 1mm Decorative Laminate sheets are rated as some of the best in India.

Let’s check out some of the distinct benefits of using 1mm Decorative Laminate sheets:

Availability of wide range of colors and textures

1mm Decorative Laminates offer countless options of colours and textures out of which you can easily find something that goes well with your decor theme or style. The endless design possibilities are an added advantage of using the laminate sheets.

Stylish and modern finish offer great look and feel

1mm Decorative Laminate sheets can enhance any space with its polished appearance and clean lines. They bring elegance and style to any room regardless of size. You can never go wrong with decorative laminates when designing a designing a kitchen, patio, reception area, conference room, etc.

High durability that lasts really long

Decorative laminates possess distinct properties like; chemical, scratch, impact, fire, and abrasion-resistant. These awesome features makes them perfect for applications like cubicles, cabinet doors, reception areas, and check-out stands. When maintained properly, they can last more than a decade.

Manilam Decorative Panel gives you access to premium quality surface option including an extensive range of decorative laminates. You can browse through our catalogue and choose the design that’s best for your requirements.

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