Laminates are just the right way to go when designing kitchen cabinets, table tops, countertops, wardrobes and every other furniture item. Manilam Decorative Panel’s range of laminates for interior spaces are highly durable and available in different textures, patterns, designs, colors and finishes.

Not only Manilam’s laminates are easy to clean but they also look exotic on any furniture item they are installed at and give a commendable finish to the interior as well.

Here are some of the many uses of Laminate Sheets by Manilam for Interior Design.


Wardrobe Laminates

Be it sliding wardrobe or hinged wardrobe, Laminate sheets by Manilam works equally best for both. They do not chip easily, they fit properly and they are durable and maintenance free as well.

Laminates for Kitchen Cabinet:

Laminates for Kitchen Cabinet

Laminate Sheets by Manilam are water and heat resistant meaning they work really well over the kitchen cabinets. Any kind of oil spill or water spill can be easily cleaned from the cabinets with Laminate Sheets from Manilam.

Wall Laminates:

Wall Laminates

Using laminate sheets on walls have become a very trendy choice these days. A range of laminate sheet by Manilam fulfils the requirements of its clients for using the textured laminate sheets on walls that are available in finishes like gloss, matt and wood grain.

Use of Laminates for Furniture:

Use of Laminates for Furniture

Be it a table top, a Television Unit, a service counter, restaurant table, bed side table, coffee table, bar unit or even an accessory unit in a home, Manilam’s varied laminates are the best suited on all kinds of furniture items. The range can be custom made, mixed and matched and even used in different finishes altogether.

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