Decorative Laminates or sunmica (as they are more popularly known) are becoming increasingly popular amongst new homeowners for their decorative properties, and price ranges. They also come in a lot of different designs. Laminates are produced artificially by combining paper and resins. They are durable and can resist scratches, as well as changes to ambient temperatures. This makes them perfect low-cost options, as they can last for years at a stretch. Laminates are fixed on substrates such as plywood and add a certain amount of flair to the design. This is more apparent these days, as the manufacturing processes allow for different designs and textures on laminates.

Apart from this, there are multiple ways to use laminates for decorative purposes.

Here, we have listed numerous ways to use laminates in innovative ways. Read on to find out more!



If you are a reader and have a sizable bookshelf as part of your home or office furniture, why not add more decorative elements to it? Laminates can help you in this regard. The back of the bookshelf can be lined with laminates of different colors or designs. You can use laminates of various textures as well. This will give your bookshelf a rather unique look – a look that can be quite personal to you! You can even do this thematically, based on the genre of your books.

Home Bar:

Home Bar

The coronavirus pandemic has ensured that everyone stays inside their homes. The days of pub-hopping are long gone, and it has seen a large number of people make space for their own home bars. If you want your home bar to convey the perfect ambiance for relaxing, lounging, and drinking, laminates can help you achieve that effect. Whether it’s the wall behind the display bottles, or the actual shelves housing the bottles, you can laminate almost everything. This would help you give a personal touch to your home bar, and create the look that you really wanted!



A recent trend that has started in the decorating and interior design industry is to decorate the entryway in a particular style. A modern and stylish home has a specific setting and ambiance which can be created through the requisite laminates, in order to create a perfect ambiance. You can choose certain textures and colors in order to change the ceilings and walls according to your liking! One thing you need to keep in mind is that the furniture and rest of the decor have to match the entryway.



The mudroom is that area of the home which houses your daily outerwear, which includes coats, sweaters, and shoes. Most mudrooms tend to be rather bland in their design and kept only for their functionality. However, it does not have to be like that! You can resurface the walls to match the look of the rest of the house, for cheap prices. Doing this will ensure that the mudroom does not look completely out of place, from the rest of your home!

Modular Cabinets:

Modular Cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets are usually made with plywood. However, in this state, they are more susceptible to damage and are also vulnerable to changes in the ambient temperature. There is a solution to this though – laminates! Laminates can be applied to the plywood surfaces of the cabinets to make them more durable. They also look chicer, and are more resistant to temperatures as well!

Wall highlights:

Wall highlights

Do you have certain spaces in your house which look a bit drab or bland? Or are they starting to show their age, and deteriorating to a poor state? Laminates could be the answer for you! Laminates come in different colors, patterns, and textures that can spruce up your walls to a great extent! From the drab and dry look of an old room to a completely renovated room with modern and stylish wall highlights – laminates can save you a fortune on redecoration.



Elements and accessories of the house such as beds, tables, and chairs form an important part of the interior decor of the house. They all come together and coalesce into a certain shade of the owner’s personality and tastes. For example, if you want a very sleek look for your interior, you need to have the right furniture to match. What if you have an old table or bed, which does not match the look that you want? Do you have to change the furniture? No. You can add a spark to them with a high gloss laminate which can ensure the sleek and elegant look you want!



We often take care of your clothes, but don’t put much thought into how our wardrobes look like. The wardrobe is an essential part of the interior decor of a house, and needs to match the vibe! Unicore, metal, and abstract laminate options are available for wardrobes, and each of them provides a different aesthetic. They are relatively cheap, and can elevate the vibe of the entire room!



We can all agree that contemporary chair styles tend to be rather basic. They have a similar look that pervades across most designs. However, you can make your contemporary chairs look much better, elegant, and classier by laminating them in a style such as wood-grain. Wood-grain manages to look classy, keep that old-school aesthetic while exhibiting the best of the modern styles!

Dining table:

Dining table:

Dining tables are usually used for years at a stretch. This means that they are no strangers to the wear and tear of the years. Scratches and dents can become quite a common occurrence around the dining table surface. A great option would be to laminate the dining table using laminate sheets. There are various designer laminate sheets available in the market that cost only a fraction of the price of a new table. You can change the aesthetics and vibe of the dining space with laminate sheets, while also making sure that your expenses are kept under check!

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