Decorative Laminates are one of the best choice when it comes to decorating your home with aesthetic look and feel. Laminates from Manilam adds a real sense of beauty and touch to living space, wardrobe, kitchen, walls, etc. Manilam has emerged as a successful player in the industry offering the the best quality Decorative Laminates giving a great alternative to hardwood veneer.

Manilam 1mm laminate range feature exotic designs, colours and textures with  superior quality, and durability. Not only is it economical but can transform your spaces into a luxurious expanse with the complete feel and look of veneer. In a relentless passion to bring the newest laminates while preserving the versatility and advantages, Manilam has come up with Zero Synchro 1mm Decorative Laminates that give the feel and aesthetics of veneer.

With more than 200 designs, we offer the best quality laminates that come with strength and endurance to last a lifetime. The natural look and authentic like wood veneer makes the this range of laminate sheets one of the most popular choices among interior designers with international quality and grade. The designs for this range have been selected with care taking the views and considerations of best in class architects.

Take a look at the top 5 reasons why Decorative Laminates are the best choice for home interior decor:

Easy Installation

You can install the decorative laminates by yourself or hire any professional to do the job for you. The installation process of 1mm laminate is quite easy and hassle-free. Over plywood, concrete, tiles, or any other surface, it can be mounted up immediately. Also, you can use it glued or glueless.

Low Maintenance – Pocket friendly

Mani Laminates promises to provide the highest quality decorative laminates that do not ask for regular maintenance, hence, saves money. The surface is easy to clean and maintain as it is resistant to stains, spills, moisture, and scratches.

A Great alternative to Veneer

Decorative Laminates from Mani Laminates are a great substitute for wood and when it comes to 1mm laminates, it looks like a real wood veneer.

Wide Range of Colours and Textures

The laminate sheets come in a wide range of colors and textures to always fit the needs and moods of the customers.

Easy customization for changing taste

Different people have diverse tastes when it comes to the beautification of their personal or workspace. Decorative laminates fit every type of requirement. It is also an outstanding substitute to conventional home decor products, also gives you the autonomy to experiment at your will.

Manilam Decorative Panel is one of the leading manufacturers of decorative laminate sheets in India. The extensive array of textures, colors, etc. will surely astonish you. Laminate sheets are extraordinarily easy to maintain. If you want to buy premium laminates for a bedroom or any other space, simply call +91-8448448917,

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