Doors are an essential part of a home. Be it an entry door or a main door of a residential or commercial space, it needs to be durable and maintenance free while also bring out the most with its looks.

Gone are the days when doors used to be painted or polished. Today, every other space with a wooden door needs to be laminated to bring out the aesthetics not only of the house but also of the owner of the space. Manilam’s exquisite range of laminates fulfils this requirement of home owners and interior designers that strive to make their space look luxurious with laminated doors. But did you know why laminates are a trendy choice for doors over paint?

If not, read below and we will tell you why you should choose Manilam’s laminate for your space:



A range of exquisite laminates by Manilam are highly durable. These do not break or chip and neither do they dull over time. These laminates are resistant against stain, scratch and heat and works great for years. Paint does not offer these qualities at all.



Painted doors requires to be cleaned with proper cleaners and not water at all as the paint usually falls off. Manilam’s laminates only requires to be cleaned every once in a while, with a damp cloth to remove the dust and they are good to go. These laminates do not scratch or blemish over time due to cleaning with water.

Range of Laminates:

Range of Laminates

Manilam has an exquisite range of laminates with multiple textures, design, prints and patterns especially made for doors. These are also customized in gloss and matt and can be customized in multiple designs and shapes, as per the requirements of the customers.

Highly Carpenter Friendly:

Highly Carpenter Friendly

Manilam’s door skins are carpenter friendly meaning that these do not end up giving bruises to carpenters due to sharp edges. These door skins are made with high quality plasticizers meaning carpenters can work with these laminates without any worries.

Manilam is the future of laminates with a ravishing range of laminates sheets available in 0.8mm and 1mm with high end quality and unique designs in finishes like wood grain, gloss and matt.

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