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Laminates are an ultimate choice when decorating the walls, furniture, and others of some busy spaces like kitchens to lobbies, waiting rooms, and offices. Laminate is a leader in terms of decor solutions.

laminate thickness

Laminate is a budget-friendly solution with high durability compared to some of its standard competition. Modern laminate sheets come in lots of looks that can imitate more luxurious materials like natural hardwood and stone.

When it comes to selecting laminate wall paneling though, understanding the thickness of laminate sheets is required.
You need to understand how it can influence your installation, longevity, and maintenance routine which are vital.
Laminate sheets are manufactured using a multi-layer method that delivers a rigid, robust surface for commercial and residential use.

Laminate thickness is measured in millimeters and distinct by the thickness of the internal core layer only.

Here are some of the advantages of using 1mm Laminates or above:

1mm laminate sheets

  • 1mm laminates can tolerate wear and tear and is predominantly important for high traffic commercial spaces as well as residential spaces.
  • 1mm Laminate sheets give the feeling and aesthetic appeal like natural wood.
  • Thick laminate wall panelling like 1mm can reduce environmental noise.
  • This in turn can be a big benefit in high-traffic spaces and sensitive environments. Example: Doctor’s offices or health care facilities.
  • Thicker is better, the more the thickness, the more impact resistant and durable.

Where to use 1mm and above Laminate sheets?

  • 1mm Laminates are mainly used to decorate and protect furniture
  • Due to their premium look, touch & feel, they are used in conference rooms, home interiors especially walls, etc.
  • Kitchen area, table-tops, and many more.

Some advantages of using 0.8mm Laminates:

0.8mm laminate sheets

  • The laminate sheets are quite easy to install.
  • The customization level with 0.8mm laminates are almost endless.
  • As per your preferences, you can customize your dream spaces.
  • Highly durable that lasts really long.

Where to use 0.8mm Laminate sheets?

  • Decorating furniture at home and office spaces.
  • Wall paneling.
  • Column cladding.

Both 1mm and 0.8mm laminate sheets are preferred choices when it comes to give your dream space a sophisticated look.
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