Are you looking for a change in your house? It might be a good time to finally think about upgrading the decor or style of the rooms. Designing an interior space using laminates is an excellent way to start. From flooring to walls and furniture, you can use laminates everywhere.

These sheets can be cut and bent to cover up all kinds of shapes. With added advantages like anti-fingerprint, anti-bacterial and fire retardant properties, your furniture will get the proper protection.

Laminates are one of the trendiest and versatile decorative materials. There are so many options to select from ranging from texture and color to patterns. Continue reading to find out which style excites you the most. Let’s begin with the color trends!

Add some colors to your life and décor:


This color encapsulates feelings of strength and positivity. It gives you a sense of relaxation helping you maintain a neutral balance.


The open landscapes and nature has inspired many to add a touch of green to their space. You can build a cozy, natural and harmonious environment with every shade of green.


Stay upbeat with bolder tones like yellow. It gives you a promise of something sunny, friendly and hopeful.


This warm, earthy tone helps you connect back to nature. It provides a foundation for growth and change.


You will get the feeling of comfort and familiarity from the shades of blue. It will make you feel calm while you are living every moment.

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Spice up the style: Here are some beautiful laminate design trends:

Set the tone with minimal and neutral:

Set the tone with minimal and neutral

If you admire simplicity and believe in less is more, this trend is perfect for you. Neutral and lighter colors like grey add a sense of minimalism. You can bring the metropolitan character by using grainy gray laminates with aluminum, it will add more depth. Using white and grey for a small kitchen is a good technique to make the space look bigger. For sleek contemporary themes, high gloss laminates go very well. Laminate sheets which look like marble are cost effective and give you the modern minimal style. For boring walls and ceilings use patterned laminates.

Get natural with all the natural shades:

Get natural with all the natural shades

Green is the symbol for rebirth and renewal. Nature lovers can use pastel green or other shades of green to bring the outdoor world into your house. Ecological home design is very popular nowadays so you can opt for laminations from brands that have green credentials. This will help you be sustainable while you’re enjoying the colors of nature. Digitally printed laminate sheets of flowers and leaves will help you add more details.

Go bold and Beautiful:

Go bold and Beautiful

Go bold with some primary colors like red, yellow, orange, etc. Living rooms and kitchens look great with these colors. Use laminate sheets for the kitchen cabinets, counter tops, furniture or wall decor. Think of your room as a canvas and turn it into art with some gorgeous shades of bright colors. Choose matte laminates for darker and bolder colors to reduce the spotting of dust. You can even customize laminations including multiple color shades to create a rainbow feel.

Opt for some rustic tones:

Opt for some rustic tones

To get the timeworn vintage look, the rustic theme can help you feel more grounded and close to the earth. Textured laminates which look and feel like brick or sandstone are available. Wooden laminations are also a great choice for furniture like tables and will add the element of vintage. Warm wood tones make your rooms look extravagant and luxurious. Burnt orange is a welcoming color. Natural textures also give a safari feel. For flooring purposes laminates with the wood texture is very popular.

Add some tropical calm:

Add some tropical calm

Bring home the tropical feeling using hues of blue laminates. A look of sophistication and calmness will radiate from the room. Walls and shelves covered with aqua, inky blue laminates is a great way to achieve the sophisticated look. Think of turning your room into Hawaii by bringing the ocean colors to the walls. Light shades of blue laminates with anti-fingerprint technology is a good choice for kitchen countertops as it reduces impressions.

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Try out some playful combinations:

Try out some playful combinations

Multiple colors can be used to bring a colorful change. Using dual tones, you can play with contrasting colors like black and yellow. Use concrete grey laminates with a pop of contrasting color like yellow for the kitchen cabinets or wardrobes. For sofas, stools and tables you can use the jewel tones like purple to make it a statement piece for the room. The wall behind the TV or the bed can be highlighted with patterned and colorful laminates. For a more functional appeal, partitions can be created.

You can play around with laminates in so many ways. From lighter shades to mixed patterns, these latest laminate design trends will make every part of your house look exciting and new!