With growing trends of today’s era, people are becoming more style conscious and have started adapting easy and pocket friendly ways to make their interiors look natural yet beautiful. The first and only choice for such surface materials are laminate sheets.

  • This is the only material that is versatile, durable, maintenance free, pocket friendly and also environment friendly.
  • One can find a handful of colors, textures, designs and patterns in this dimension and can choose or mix and match any surface depending on their need.

Manilam has a wide variety of colourful laminates, textured laminates, printed or patterned laminates that are available in high gloss, matte finish, leather finish and wood grain finish out of which one can choose a laminate suiting their needs.

This is how you can redesign your home or workspace using Manilam’s exquisite range of laminates:

For Home

For a residential space:

For a residential space

You can use laminate in the bedroom for wardrobe, bed, Television Unit, False Ceiling, or on floors. You can go with a mix and match of its kinds and colors. All the laminates manufactured by Manilam are equally durable and last long.

  • You can also use it in the living room on Television Unit floors, on False Ceiling to make the indoors visually appealing to your guests.
  • Manilam’s laminates can also be used in the study room where colourful laminates can be mixed and matched to attract children to study in the room.

Customized laminate for children can also be made for their bedrooms or study rooms.

For Kitchen Space:

For Kitchen Space

Kitchen space holds the most traffic in a home. Manilam’s highly durable solid color laminates and patterned laminates are the best suited for kitchen cabinets. These are highly durable and can resist water up to a certain level.

For Workplaces

For Workplaces

Manilam’s range of laminate sheets can be used in the bathrooms as shelves. Not only will these give a nice aura in the bathroom but also make sure that enough light is there without the use of much natural light.

These are also used in the cafeteria of a workplace or commercial building to bring in more light and a play of colours can also be created using Manilam’s solid color laminates.

Note that Manilam manufactures eco-friendly laminates so these are highly suited for both residential and commercial spaces. Thus, choosing from a variety of Manilam laminates will never go in vain. For more info, visit www.manilam.com or email @ enquiry@manilam.com or call us on +91-8448448917, follow us: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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