If you would like to beautify your kitchen space, a big question arises, how? Doing a 360º remodel is surely a hectic task, of course, time-consuming too. If you are looking for the best materials for refurbishing, decorative laminate is the answer. By using decorative sheets, you can give stunning visuals to your kitchen space. Apart from that, laminates enhance the longevity of your furniture too.

Here are some of the trendy ways to transform the appeal of your kitchen using premium decorative laminates from Manilam Decorative Panel.

Kitchen Applications of Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates are a one stop solutions that can be used to enhance the visual and aesthetic appeal of all the key components of your kitchen’s design. The best part is, you can entirely change the décor style and colour scheme of your kitchen space.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular applications:

Kitchen Countertops:

Kitchen Countertops: - Kitchen Space

Countertops are a crucial element at kitchen, so, why not revamp it? Decorative laminates are extremely popular choice when it comes to imparting great appeal along with durability. Manilam Decorative Panel has a wide range of laminate catalogue, featuring attractive decorative laminates. The extensive range of wood and stone patterns can give your countertops the ultimate look and feel.

What makes it the best choice?

  • The laminates are scratch and heat resistant.
  • The laminate sheets are exceptionally easy to maintain.
  • Ultra-smooth surface that can be wiped away in a matter of seconds.
  • Unlike stone countertops, the laminate sheets are highly resistant to stains.

Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen Cabinets: - Kitchen Space


Just like kitchen countertops, same goes with kitchen cabinets. Decorative Laminates can totally transform the beauty of your kitchen cabinets. Gone are the days of decades old dark and brown cabinets, now is the time to revamp with the exquisite range of decorative laminates. With the adoption of modern designs, kitchen cabinets are going trendy and stunning. All you need is to pick a set of stylish decorative laminates and you are good to go.

Pantry and Storage Space:

Pantry and Storage Space:

Undoubtedly, pantry and storage spaces are an essential elements of a kitchen space. Why not revamp it? There are lots of beautiful designs available to resurface drawers, shelves, storage furniture pieces, etc. It can make your entire kitchen feel sophisticated!

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