Manilam has a range of laminates available with multiple designs, textures, patterns and colors to choose from with a range of wood grain laminates as well. These laminates are best suited for furniture tops, countertops, walls, floor, and exteriors of a house, door skins, cabinets, bathroom shelves and false ceilings.

Laminates tend to get dirt stuck on it when not cleaned properly. This dust sometimes gets stuck within the wood grains and ends up scratching the surface altogether. 

Read below to know how to maintain and take care of your laminates by Manilam. 

Scrub gently: 

gently scrub laminate sheets

When cleaning the laminates, make sure to use a cleaner or use baking soda in water to clean the dust or spills from the laminate surface. Wipe or scrub the area gently with a non-abrasive cloth mixed with the liquid cleaner and you’re good to go. Do now use any harsh or abrasive tool to clean the surface as it will scratch the laminate completely. 

Keep it indoors: 

keep laminate indoor

If the laminate is made for indoors only then never apply it on exteriors as direct sunlight can damage the laminate and you might also have to spend a handful to get laminate again. 

Keep it away from moisture: 

avoid moisture - laminate sheets

Most laminates for residential and commercial spaces are not meant to deal with high moisture. Make sure to use them in areas where there is less to no water content. For the kitchen, the laminate can manage the moisture content but it is better to always wipe the laminate surface whenever there is a spill of water on it to prevent it from discoloration and any kind of fading. 

Manilam’s exquisite range of laminates are available in 0.8 MM and 1 MM which is suitable for areas with less to no moisture like kitchen or bathroom shelves. Try out these laminate maintaining practices and let us know how it helped you. 

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