Offline retail is gaining momentum and Experience centers will play a pivotal role in this growth while also becoming the key aspect in the decision-making process.

The beginning of a refined era

The advent of digital marketplaces including Amazon, Flipkart and others have revolutionised the Indian retail market and led people realize the benefits of online shopping with attractive discounts. As soon as the pandemic entered the picture, the pull towards online shopping multiplied as everything was shut. However, the same cannot be said for the architecture and design industry where the experience matters a lot. Here rises, the need for Experience and Display centers.

Why is the need of experience center when you have regular retail store?

To understand, we need to grasp the concept of Experience Center and the science behind it. An experience or display center is a place set up by a particular brand, where a person could experience the entire range of that particular brand through artfully created concepts that match the real life usage of the product. In other words, through an experience center a consumer gets to know how a particular product will look and behave after buying.

Experience centers are niche spaces. They are usually designed keeping the mind the varied needs of the customers and how the product would fit into the same. They are one of the biggest tools in the current marketing strategy of any brand in order to convince a customer to buy a product.

Access to LIVE settings and trained staff in order to better understand the product

For the Architecture and design related products and materials, the importance of experience centers are multifold, considering how much ‘touch and feel’ factors in for this segment. For instance, buying a kitchen is not an easy task. However, if you walk into an experience center where you could see different kitchens in LIVE setting, the decision making becomes much more convenient and faster as well.

The experience center is therefore very convenient medium for brands as well as architects and designers, builders and end-users alike.While customers want a complete understanding of the product which the trained staff of the experience center can provide, brands want to leverage the maximum benefit of a singular space dedicated to their products without having any distractions which is sometimes hard to avoid in a multi-brand showroom. Today, brands across varied materials segment including kitchen, tiles, flooring, wall-panels and more have their own experience centers set up across different locations in spite of presence in multi-brand showrooms and retail outlets through-out the country.

Display is the key to sell

Everyone loves chocolate. So why a brand like Mondelez India, better known as Cadbury Chocolate has recently opened an Experience Center in Mumbai where a viewer can also check out chocolate taking shape through a 3D printer. The Experience Center is a part of Modelez India’s further growth strategy and making people acquainted to the entire Cadbury range at one place. This shows the importance of Experience Centers.

While many say that the era of Touch and feel is lost with the rise of online shopping, it cannot be hold true in the case of architectural and building materials, later being long term decisions, their pros and cons need to be weighed properly. A random decision can easily end up being a disaster. A visit to an experience or the display center not only makes your decision easy but also saves a lot of time as one can make instant decision after seeing and feeling the product in real.

So Experience centers are not limited to one segment.

Here is a sneak peek of the recently opened MANILAM Experience centres. The Experience Centers that provide an in depth knowledge of the entire Manilam range to the customers are strategically located in Delhi, Bengaluru and Bareilly. Each center, in Delhi and Bengaluru, spreads over an area of 6000sq ft where one can find the display of the entire range by MANILAM including 0.8, 1mm decorative laminates and Door skin. In Delhi, one could see, three floors dedicated entirely to Manilam’s complete range of products along with their inventory. The Bengaluru center has also been similarly equipped to display the complete range of products along with inventory maintenance. The center at Bareilly is located at the factory premise and spread across 1000 sq ft.

One of the most prominent features of an Experience Center is the exquisitely trained staff to handle every query of a customer. With a well-trained support staff, and subsequently maintained inventory stocks, the tastefully designed Manilam Experience Centers are capable to handle the trickiest customer queries.

Take a look. Next time you are looking for laminates or Door Skin, you know where to head out for 😊

Delhi Experience Centre

2/36, Ground Floor, W.H.S, Kirti Nagar, Delhi, 110015

Bangalore Experience Centre 

854/1 PP Industrial Area, Mysore Road, Deepanjali Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560026

Bareilly Experience Centre

Attamanda Gaon, Bhojipura Nainital Road, Bareilly (UP) – 243202


Bangalore Experience Centre 

Delhi Experience Centre

Bareilly Experience Centre