Manilam has a range of decorative laminate for furniture that is suitable for office spaces and homes. Office space requires a lot of concentration and productivity due to which, choosing the right color and material indoors is necessary.

To fulfill this need of employees and work spaces, Manilam provides commercials with a range of colourful and solid color laminates that are especially made for work spaces.

Let’s illuminate how laminate helps an office space with creativity and concentration.

Mobility and association:

Mobility and association


Majority of the population today requires a work space that is flexible, mobil, functional and stylish yet minimal. Manilam fulfills all these requirements with its Wood laminate sheets for cabinets that shines in the surroundings and fulfills the needs of light in the environment, thus making the space Mobil and associative.




Office spaces require more collaboration between employees so as to boost up work, meaning these areas could be small cafeteria or locker rooms. Manilam has a range of laminates for wardrobes and cabinets in this space that can help the employees be more collaborative.

Bring home to office:

Bring home to office

One can bring style and panache of home style laminates into work space by using minimal tones of home laminates into office space. The textures, contrasting splashes of colors and contrasting materials can fulfil the need of bringing home into work space for a better home-like feel.

Touchdown areas:

Touchdown areas

Every office space maintains a personal space for each employee. This very space can be made using wood laminate for cabinets or tabletops where an employee can have his own privacy to use mobile phone or tablet etc.

Textures and colors:

Textures and colors

Manilam’s colors and laminates are a perfect hit for an office space. The bold, vibrant and thematic colors like espresso or slate can help with an improvement in imagination and thought process of an employee.

Modular furniture:

Modular furniture

Laminate furniture can also be made customizable, meaning one can re-use, enhance, expand or reconfigure any space using them. Modular furniture goes well with glass, fabric, metal hardware and tile in an office space. This can also open the creative side of the employees when used correctly.

Manilam’s exquisite range of laminates are available in 0.8 MM and 1 MM which is suitable for office spaces. To know more about Manilam and its range of laminates, reach out at or call us on +91-8448448917. You can also follow Manilam on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube.

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