In recent years, Decorative Laminates are becoming more popular than ever.

Decorative Laminates are best used in the living room, kitchen, countertops, etc.

1mm Decorative Laminates are one of the finest products in the laminate category. They come in various textures, patterns, and colors. The low price and convenience of laminates over surfacing materials make it pocket-friendly.

But in order to get the most worth out of the money spent, one must take appropriate care of the laminates after purchase, during their use.

Check out the dos and don’ts in maintaining 1mm Decorative Laminates.


  • Always prefer soft damp clothes for daily cleaning.
  • To remove most stains and grease, use diluted mild detergent or vinegar.
  • To prevent permanent residue stains, make sure to completely rinse off any soap residue with warm water and thoroughly after.
  • Use baking soda paste (3:1 ratio of baking soda and water), make a solution to treat difficult stains.
  • Avoid excessive scrubbing with soda excessive scrubbing can damage the surface.
  • If you don’t wish to see spills on the surface, wipe it immediately.


  • Always use a trivet or insulated hot pad when you place hot cookware or dishes.
  • Extreme heat can cause cracking or blistering, so, avoid that.
  • Knife cuts on countertops can cause permanent damage, so avoid direct contact with the knife.
  • Avoid the use of cleaners containing alkali, acid or sodium hypochlorite, it can corrode and discolour the laminate surface.

Follow the tips for minimum damage to the surface of 1mm Decorative Laminates
For tough stains, such as ink, make use of nail polish remover. Wa cotton ball or a clean cloth soaked with nail polish remover, gently rub the surface. Soon after that, rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry.

Manilam Decorative Panel is one of the largest manufacturers of 1mm Decorative laminates that can transform the interiors of your dream spaces with great aesthetic appeal.