Laminate sheets are a very commonly known solution for surface finishes. One can see a laminate at every other place they visit, be it restaurant, hotel, corporate office, industry or showroom. Manilam Decorative Panel, being one of the leading manufacturers of laminates in India, provides different kinds of laminates for different purposes.

Read below and know the type of laminates and where they can be applied at.

Types of laminates based on pressure applied

High Pressure Laminate:

High Pressure Laminate

These are made by attaching the decor paper at high pressure laminates to the Kraft paper. A carpenter fixes high pressure laminate over a plywood or MDF board while making indoor furniture. These can last for years and can take heavy loads as well.

Low Pressure Laminate:

Low Pressure Laminate

These are made of decorative paper that is soaked in melamine resin and later, the laminated paper is glued on a particle board or fiberboard. These are not very durable.

Laminates based on surface finish:

Solid color laminate:

Solid color laminate

The whole laminate sheet of solid color laminate is of a single color and these are widely used in bathrooms and kitchen counter-tops.

Gloss finish laminates:

Gloss finish laminate

The name itself derives the meaning, gloss finish as these laminates have a glossy surface and these are more eye catchy. These are used in restaurants, hotels and the event industry.

Matt finish:

Matt finish

As the name derives, Matt, these laminates have a Matt surface and these get less dirty. These are used in professional business spaces to give a more subtle yet stylish look.

Textured laminates:

Textured laminate

These laminates can be touched and felt. There are different patterns and textures printed on the decor paper of the laminate. Prints like wood, natural stone, leather, and metal are very commonly printed on these. These are used for flooring and wall cladding.

Wood grain laminates:

Wood grain laminate

These are designed to resemble wood and give a similar feel when touched. These are used as a flooring material and are also available in hardwood and softwood materials.

Metal laminates:

Metal laminates

It gives a metallic finish to the laminate and is suitable for commercial and residential space.

Leather laminates:

Leather laminate

These give a leather feel when touched and looked at and these are suitable for cabinets and other furniture laminates.

You can choose from a range of laminates provided to you by Manilam and beautify any space you are in. Give yourself a try and visit Manilam Decorative Panel on to check out a vast variety of laminates and plywood. You can also call us on +91-8448448917 for more information.

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