Decorative laminates have become one of the most popular items for interior decoration among a lot of customers. You can find them in a wide variety of colours and designs. But most importantly, they can be used for the lamination of multiple products. These laminates are very aesthetically appealing as far as their patterns are concerned. They are mostly employed for ornamental purposes. You can get these laminates in the form of sheets, boards, or panels. In addition to that, these decorative laminates are extremely less priced compared to veneers.

Here are few advantages of these laminates that might compel you to purchase them.


1. Wide Variety: The advent of modern technology has enabled architects and artists to come up with a variety of designs for decorative laminates. Compared to the home décor sector, there is a certain freedom from restrictions because of these advancements. It does not matter what colour or texture or design the customer wants. The companies have a catalogue of almost everything. More importantly, they are not made of the usual marble or granite and yet are able to maintain the standard of a high-quality product. In other words, you can pay less and yet have laminated walls and floors at your place.

2. Easy Customization: As far as personal adornment of home and work space is concerned everyone has their own visions and ideas. Decorative laminates are the best options one has to ensure that they can fulfil all those requirements. If your room is already designed in a certain way, decorative laminates will help you to customise the room the accordingly. Most importantly, you can acquire the laminate sheets in the exact specifications that you wish for. As a result, these laminates can be installed very easily without any kind of trouble. Thanks to evolving times and architectural acumen, this is possible now more than ever.

3. Accommodating for change in taste: There is no meaning to life without a bit of variety. It is completely reasonable for people to get bored with the way their apartment looks after a certain amount of time. They will want to modernise it. However, these changes cannot happen overnight if you plan to use stone or hardwood. While these two are the most preferred materials used for renovation purposes, they will take a lot of time for the job. This is because of the intricate installations and various other processes. At the same time, decorative laminates do not take so much time, thereby presenting itself as an excellent substitute.

4. Durability: Decorative laminates are created out of material that is resistant to stain as well as protects the surface underneath. In simple words, they are long lasting. They do not damage very quickly as well which is another reason behind their lengthy lifespan. Its durability is the reason why customers do not mind paying the full price as they know that they are getting their money’s worth. Compared to marble or natural stone, decorative laminates are very easy to clean. They are also resistant to other things such as heat and stains from oil and other liquids. These stains cannot permeate the surface.

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At the same time, they are not entirely perfect and are bound to have some flaws here and there. So, you should also keep the following in mind while making a purchase.

1. Stiff competition: Even though decorative laminates attempt to emulate the textures and looks of a veneer it cannot exactly provide the same feeling. Decorative laminates are usually of a very high quality. Yet they are no match for the feeling you may experience due to actual wood flooring. Additionally, large format printers can help in manufacturing much cheaper alternatives for customers. Those customers who are not aware of these products usually end up buying them to save money. Another reason behind their popularity is the range of designs that these cheap alternatives can offer which attracts the customer even more.


2. Cannot be recycled: Decorative laminates are not made out of biodegradable materials. Which means it cannot be disposed of easily once it is out of use. In addition to that, there are not too many ways for the laminates to be recycled. It is difficult to think of the ways in which they can be used once they are worn out and need to be replaced. There are some laminates that meet the criteria to receive a green certificate. But it is not meant for all kinds. Therefore, consumers have to be doubly sure before they can go ahead and purchase.


In conclusion, despite the flaws, decorative laminates are products that will beautify your apartment or workplace like no other item. Most importantly, because they are cheap you will not have to limit your renovation to one room only. And thanks to the variety of designs, you can ensure that all your rooms will be different from one another making you not want to leave your place at all. So, if you are still deciding whether to renovate or not, don’t think anymore. Just go for it.

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