Laminate sheets when applied on wooden furniture make it durable and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the maintenance and cleaning process of laminate furniture is quite an easy task to do. Laminate need appropriate care to last for really a long period.

As a fact, laminates don’t easily stain or scratch, care need to be maintained. You must know how to keep laminates that are used in kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe, etc. in good condition.

Here are the major maintenance tips for laminate furniture:


Use suitable solvent to clean the stains

You must avoid using hard solvents as it may damage the laminate surface. To clean the tough stains, such as neoprene and silicone joint spots, use appropriate light solvents.  In order to clean the stains, make use of a damp cloth or soft bristle brush with the solvent. Later let the surface sit for a few mins before wiping with a damp cloth.

To clean Vinyl Glue, use hot water

An effective cleaning agent for laminates is hot water, it can be specially used to clean vinyl glue. It is highly advisable to avoid the use of synthetic cleaning agents available in the market. Synthetic cleaning agents may cause allergy, it is important to avoid it. Make use of a damp a microfiber cloth with hot water and wipe the surface to remove vinyl glue.

Use mild soap water solution

Cleaning tough stains using mild soap is the best way to clean the laminate surface. Use a damp cloth and rub on the stained areas gently in a circular motion. Then leave it to dry.

Do dusting once in every week

It is the easiest way to clean laminate furniture. It not only prevents accumulation of dust on the surface that cause scratch but also keep the surface clean. You can use regular furniture sprays or polish on the laminates.

Furniture polish helps maintain its lustre

Furniture polish helps sustain the beauty of your laminated furniture and can also help hide fine scratches. You can polish or wax your laminate furniture several times in a year to maintain its lustre.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Always avoid the laminate furniture direct exposure to sunlight, as the surface of laminate sheets may lose its shine and colours may fade away. Moreover, prolonged exposure to sunlight may also damage the laminate surface due to heating.

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