Manilam Decorative Panel is one of India’s leading manufacturer of Decorative Laminates that offers an exotic range of diverse surface ideas to beautify your interiors and decorate your dream spaces.

Our products are characterized by higher colour fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates.

At Manilam, we always ensure that superior quality laminate panels are available to you at the best prices and wide variety.

Since its inception, Manilam uses innovative technology and creative solutions as the guiding principle for decor ideas with an elegance and character which professionals like architects, interior designers, & end customers can easily rely on.

We at Manilam Decorative Panel not only strives to transform spaces into real aesthetic beauty but also enrich the lives of our valued customers. We come up with the latest trending ideas and solutions to give your space the kind of look that you prefer – from eccentric to lavish and elegant. We are who we say we are and always keep our vision and mission in mind never forget to implement our core values. Our Vision, Mission and Values are not just words for us and not only do we truly believe in them but we also ensure that all our stakeholders – be it distributors, dealers, suppliers or employees – are aligned to them too.

The founders of Manilam have sown the seed of these values since the very beginning and the same is followed at the time of on-boarding any new dealer/distributor/employee/supplier/any other third party to our team.


Our Vision

The main aim of the company is to provide services and products that are unmatched making its customers vouch for it any given time and know them as leading manufacturers and suppliers of decorative laminates. It is with the superlative quality of the products and services offered, the company strives to be popular as the only brand that comes to its clients’ mind—MANILAM, when they speak of quality and efficiency.

Our Mission

MANILAM has a team of highly qualified people who work to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the product the company offers. The employees at all levels strive to ensure that the product and service they are providing must be beneficial for its consumers. Each and every member of the team is well educated, highly experienced, hard-working, well trained, and motivated besides being goal-oriented and focused.

Our Values

Our main motto is to provide architects and home owners a variety of new innovative designs to add more beauty to their beautiful architecture. We have created best possible designs and texture which can match your designing taste. We have variety of more than 300 laminate designs to provide you an option to select best one of your taste.

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