Laminates have been dominating the design trends for the past five years or so. Most modern houses tend to use some form of laminates for decorative purposes. Naturally, trends are subject to change, as time passes by. At the start of 2021, the laminate designs have gotten much more intricate and abstract. Their artistic and visual appeal has changed, bringing in certain themes and personalities. With these changes, laminates are heading towards becoming an essential component of every interior design mantra.

As new homeowners in the contemporary era, the use of laminates has moved from being purely based on functionality to that of both functionality and aesthetics. As such, these trends in laminates will set the design ideologies for years to come! Here are the top seven decorative laminate trends which will boss interior design in the near future!

Textured Laminates:

Natural textures have taken over the industry in the latest trends. As the coronavirus pandemic has confined most people to their homes, people are now resorting to bringing nature into their homes. Natural laminate designs such as the Monarchlam come in different textures such as metal and fabric. They are often made based on the personalized usage of the owner. They add a certain natural yet classy ambiance to the office or home workspace.


At the very beginning, laminates were usually available only in different types of wooden textures. These days, the marvels of modern technology have changed the way we view laminates. Innovation is the name of the game. Each year, different kinds of laminate surfaces are breaking into the market. For example, chalkboard laminates are available now to give a rustic vibe to schools, office spaces, and even homes. As the years go by, the buyers themselves will be spoilt for choice!

More Vibrancy:

Color laminates are not anything new. They have been around for some time now. However, the new ‘in’ thing is for digital artists and designers to fashion their ideas into laminates so that they can be used for different spaces. It is no longer a color in terms of a single shade, but different patterns and veritable art making their way into the laminate industry!

Newer features:

Laminates always had the added advantage of making the surface beneath them much steadier. However, there are added features to laminates now. Companies are looking to make their laminates much more durable and resistant to different hazards. For example, fire retardant laminates are now a thing! They are laced with chemicals that delay the temperature change. This makes the surface last much longer and resists wear and tear.

More colors:

Sandwich compact laminates have also started trending in the current market. These laminates have multiple linings, of different colors, over their edges. Not only does this make them much stronger, but it also gives you options in terms of decor. You can choose the colors based on your home decor style. It can also be used to line furniture so that you can have a personalized theme for your interior decor.

Scandi Nest:

We are all aware of how beautiful the Scandinavian scenery can be. The houses and aesthetic appeal of buildings in Scandinavian countries mimic the beauty of nature outside. It incorporates different shades of white and pastel to create a calming effect. Clean lines and patterns are the names of the game in Scandi Nest laminate design. However, it can only be complete if you adopt the other principles of the Scandi Nest design. White walls and wooden floors dominate the aesthetic, and there should be absolutely no clutter. The Scandi Nest laminate design allows you to free your mind and introduce the soothing beauty of the Scandinavian countryside.


The elegance of the contemporary and minimalist design philosophy of urban homes cannot be overstated. Different shades of grey dominate the Urbania laminate catalogs. It is coupled with a minimalist design and simple yet classy patterns to complement the decor, furniture, and other such accessories. The usage of urban laminates brings shades of confidence and sophistication into the home. The sheer perfection in the combination of swanky yet muted elegance is one worth investing in! This design philosophy for laminates does not believe in just the short-term. For Urbania, it retains the original flavor which incorporates its ideologies. It will change over time to cover the new trends in the market, but will always have its distinct idea stand out.

These are a few of the trends that the decorative laminate industry is seeing in 2021. Although trends may be difficult to follow for some people, there is always something new and exciting which graces the market in different intervals. Ultimately, it is about what speaks the most to your design ideas and budget. Decorative laminates allow the buyer an affordable yet easy way to instill a small part of their personality into their homes.

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