For a professional, office spaces are as important as their own homes. Many people also consider their office to be their second home as they spend at least 8-10 hours every day in that unit. Moreover, a person can work better in a comfortable and welcoming environment designed on the basis of his likes or dislikes. Thus, it becomes crucial to design and decorate your office by striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. While transforming offices into convivial working spaces, elements such as organic room scents, plants, and interior wall cladding are proven to be useful.

Now, let us look at a few suggestions you can use to bring a more positive vibe to your office. Thus, encouraging collaboration, productivity, creativity, and enthusiasm.

1. Use the right laminates:

Use the right laminates

Choosing the right laminate style, color, texture, and finish provides your office interiors the right look and feel. Dark texture laminates work perfectly in a large and spacious room, while lighter color laminate sheets fit best in smaller areas. Lighter shades make the office space feel big and airy. Notably, natural lights also reflect the looks of an office space. When it comes to texture, picking the ideal one depending on your needs is essential. The easy-to-clean standard texture for laminates is called the smooth laminate texture. Another option is installing the textured laminates, which are manufactured to feel like natural wood. Last but not least, suede finish laminates serve as one of the most popular options. It is pocket-friendly and available in a variety of textures and colors.

2. Add plants to your list of decorative items:

Add plants to your list of decorative items

Plants are a must-have in office spaces. It adds a feeling of openness as well as elegance in interior working spaces. Adding plants to your list of decorative items is also known to reduce feelings of claustrophobia. Plants also give the benefits of a natural air purifier. Thus, making you feel a more comfortable and home-like feeling. All these factors work together to increase the overall productivity and satisfaction of the person working in this office.

3. Install white boards and pinup boards:

Install white boards and pinup boards

Having a medium of writing down and noting things immediately is an excellent way to increase productivity while brainstorming ideas as well as preparing a to-do list. Whiteboards and pinup boards are essential for any office space from the creative department to the strategy department. Deciding on the size, color, and positioning of these boards is equally significant. In addition, accessibility and readability around the available work area are imperative points to be considered. Further, wisely designed boards add aesthetic value to your working space and increase productivity and efficiency.

4. Opt for laminate shelves and cabinets:

Opt for laminate shelves and cabinets

Every office should have cabinets and shelves installed to ensure proper organization of work items and cleanliness. They can be used to store books, documents, files, reports, stationery, along with other office materials. Rightly chosen shelves can be a great asset to your office in terms of both utility and beauty. Many people use high-pressure laminated shelves because of their durability, versatility, and beauty.

5. Consider room scents:

Consider room scents

The first thing a person does when he enters a room is to breathe. A familiar and/or pleasant fragrance can immediately lift up your senses and make your brain run faster. The smell of a surrounding is directly related to the emotions and creativity of the people working in that space. Interestingly, a Japanese research claims that typists tend to make as much as 54% fewer mistakes when made to work in office spaces smelling like lemons. Many other fragrances are known to boost productivity. A few popular choices are Coffee, Jasmine, Rosemary, and Citrus. Organic scents would keep your office spaces fresh, serene, and energetic. However, you should make sure that you use only the optimal quantity of these fragrances because if you go overboard, it may make the atmosphere nauseating.

6. Make it cozy with rugs:

Make it cozy with rugs

If you want to decorate your office space subtly, there is nothing better than beautiful rugs and mesmerizing pieces of art. Rugs are a great way of avoiding physical barriers when dividing or separating a large working space into multiple sections. In fact, rugs go well with smaller spaces as well as you can simply place them underneath your office furniture. Likewise, you can put one outside your office door.

7. Go for laminate counter-tops:

Go for laminate counter-tops

Most intelligent office spaces go for laminate counter-tops because they give a classy look while being very cost-effective and easy to maintain. Besides being readily available, laminate counter-tops can be used in a multiple spots throughout the office. From bathrooms to toilets to conference rooms, different decorative laminate can give them a great look and feel. They add a sense of urban aesthetic and feel to your office spaces, and can really make all the difference. You can choose from a variety of glossy or matte finishes. Laminate counter-tops are also available with different finishes like faux-wood, metal and stone. If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your office, go for pre-made designs and you’d love what you get!

Try out these seven fantastic office decor ideas and see the difference in your office in no time.

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