Decorative wall panels are integral in the designing process and contributes to the primary aesthetic of any room. You can visually amplify any living space by using decorative wall panels. If you are still wondering about the ways in which you can utilize wall panels in transforming the aesthetic of a space, then you have arrived at the right place.

Decorative panels aid in bringing in some poignant texture and colour to the room. Usually made of materials like glass, vinyl, wood, PVC, etc. these can easily be made the central attraction of any inhabitable space.

5 innovative ways to update your home

We have curated a list of 5 ways in which you can improve and develop your interior space by just ensuring the correct utilization of decorative wall panels.

1. Wainscoting


You can choose to spruce up your interior space by wainscoting. It heightens the dramatic vibe and contributes to the overall elegance of the room. Wainscoting is also useful in protecting your walls from instant damage. You can choose the hues according to the vibe you want to project. Brighter and bolder shades will contribute in the dramatic enigma of the room. Subtle and softer hues, for instance some pastel shades, will ensure a soothing aesthetic in the room. No matter in which way you apply the wainscoting, it will definitively transform your interior space.

2. Choose One Wall for Panelling

Choose One Wall for Panelling

We all want our interior décor to make a bold statement, when it comes to the aesthetics and the visual amplification. You can choose to install a decorative panel on only one wall which will serve the purpose of being the primary attraction of that space. If you are keeping a fierce and dramatic shade for that one panel, make sure that you choose more subtle hues for the other walls. This contrast is essential since it will aid in formulating a bold statement for your interior space. If going for the bedroom, it is advisable that you choose the wall right behind your bed for inserting the panel and as the focal point. This will highlight the primary aesthetic of the room – the bed. If going for the living room, you can choose the wall right behind your television set or behind the couch, as the one for installing the decorative panel. While attempting to make a statement through the décor of your interior space, make sure to focus on the central aesthetic of that particular space.

3. Mix it Up with Furniture

Mix it Up with Furniture

This mostly works in the bedroom. If you are inserting a decorative panel in your bedroom, make sure to mix it up with some furniture. Adding furniture in a room, in minimalistic style will aid in the process of amplifying the aesthetic. Decorative panels happen to be the framework which can only contribute in enlivening a living space, if provided with some additional pieces of furniture and other accessories. Do not overcrowd the space. Go for minimal styling and accessorizing the room, keeping the decorative wall panel in prime focus. This will help in transforming a mundane space into an elegant and charming one.

4. Make Decorative Panels into Design Templates

Make Decorative Panels into Design Templates

While installing decorative panels in a room, you can choose to paint the panel on the outside. This will provide an additional dimension to the panel and enhance the overall vibe of the décor. In contrast to the pale hues of the remaining walls, the shade of this decorative wall will contribute to the visual amplification of the room. If you treat the panel as a design template, and keep it minimal, it will improve the aesthetic of the room. This aids in removing the focus from other walls and keeps you fixated on that particular panel. You can also go for some addition of extra color or geometric patterns. This will further add to the texture of the decorative panel.

5. Camouflage the Panel with Bookshelves

Camouflage the Panel with Bookshelves

This method is useful for compact and comparatively smaller spaces. If you wish to hide your panels from plain sight, then the best way is to accessorize it in a way, so that it can also contribute to the elegance of the décor. You can choose to convert the panels into in-built bookshelves. In this way, you can camouflage the panels as well as put in an additional element of the bookshelves. This will definitely spruce up your interior space and transform it altogether.

These were some of the best ways in which you can utilize decorative wall panels to visually amplify the aesthetic of your room. Decorative panels help in breathing in some elegance and sophistication to your interior space.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these ways of installing decorative panels in your homes and make a dramatic statement with the same.

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