Is it time for a new upgrade of your home décor? Willing to step up your game and add some aesthetics? Whether you’ve a large home or a compact one, the need to reinnovate it every once in a while is paramount. Add some personality, opt for some quirk – and there’s literally so much under the sun that you can try your hands on.

What if we said you can do all that and more using decorative laminates and panels? They are the new hot material in town and they are all set to paint the town red. If you’re wondering how to use laminates to your advantage, and look over some ideas. Read on.

Below are 16 impressive and ingenious inspirations to motivate you to improve the look of your home interiors using these versatile materials.

1. Bedroom Wall and Headboard:

Bedroom Wall and Headboard

Having a beautiful and comfortable bedroom is necessary, with the bed being the most important thing in any bedroom setup. People generally use headboards to design their beds. But, today, things are changing, and interior designers are turning towards more artistic and creative styles to designs and highlight beds. One approach is placing statement walls behind the bed. This will quickly add warmth and style to your bedroom in a subtle and classy manner. You can choose from neutral color high-gloss sheets, patterned laminates, and wooden-looking laminates.

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2. Ceilings:

Ceilings Laminate Panel


To subtly highlight your home, you can use compact laminates on the ceilings. With a special, creative, and unique touch, laminated ceilings add warmth and class to every room. You can paint your walls white and decorate your ceilings with wooden laminate or textured laminates.

3. Living-Room Panels:

Living-Room Panels

To redesign your living room, you can install compact laminate panels on the walls. This instantly adds elegance and distinctiveness to any living space. Depending upon your budget and taste, you can either create single statement walls or resurface the entire room.

4. Entryway:

The entryway is the first space people notice when they enter your home. To style your home’s entryway, you can create 3-D designs using compact laminates. This modern look is surely going to give a great impression. Otherwise, you can take up sleek, clean, or glossy panels for a subtle touch. Make sure these panels match your home’s overall palette.

5. Wall highlights:

Wall highlights

Wall paneling is the new décor trend because it adds a whole new dimension to your boring room walls. Solid color walls in your living rooms and guest rooms can be highlighted by creatively using laminates. You can design these banal walls by installing textured laminates and geometrically cut laminates.

6. Room Partitions:

Room Partitions

Beautiful laminates and panels can be used to create partitions between rooms or in different parts of one room. This idea is great not only in terms of utility but also in aesthetic appeal.

7. Wainscoting Cabinetry:

Going bold with bright shades or using pastel shades adds layers and drama to your rooms. This technique will add a touch of character to the cabinets which you’ll surely love.

8. Solid Wood Panel decorated living room:

Solid Wood Panel decorated living room

Using classical dark wood-style panels can be an imperial choice. It would add a sense of classic and traditional décor to your house and match with all your furniture. This will be an excellent choice of interior design items for people who prefer traditional décor over modern styling.

9. Royal Bedrooms:

If you’re a person who loves royal castles and heavenly five-star hotels, elegant fabric wall paneling is a perfect choice for you. The classy panels add warmth, chivalry, and drama to any bedroom they are installed in. These royal panels are a piece of art and will surely increase the imperial look of your bedroom.

10. 3D Patterned Wall Panel:

To add a tincture of glamour to your interior décor, install these wooden wall panels with 3D patterns. They will add the perfect level of modern twists your room needs. These panels perfectly express your creative and artistic side!

11. Living Room Backdrops:

If you’re a creative person, using decorative PVC panels for designing your living room interiors is a perfect way to let your imagination run wild. Textured and stylish panels form the ideal backdrop for your intricate, designer, and modern living room furniture.

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12. Cover up the pillars:

Cover up the pillars

Having a column or pillar in any of your rooms gives you access to a perfect canvas. You can unleash your inner creativity on this canvas with beautiful laminates. Use these sheets to create either horizontal or vertical layouts to add a subtle design. Otherwise, go a step further with the more intricate textures and patterns. This idea works the best when everything around the pillar is plain and simple.

13. Whitewash Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring designs come in whitewash, grey, and light wood patterns. Choose the best laminate flooring to balance out the colour palette of the rest of your room.

14. Decorative Shelves:

Decorative Shelves

Adding decorative shelves is one of the most important furniture items in a house. You can use these shelves to display anything from picture frames to perfume collections. Shelves can potentially elevate the overall look of your home. Use different laminate designs to decorate bare shelve structures.

15. Kitchen:


Cabinets are a significant element of your kitchen décor. To beautify them, you can choose from multiple kitchen laminate designs available in the market that complement the countertops.

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16. Wardrobe:


Decorative laminates give a classy and elegant look to your wardrobes. They are available in multiple choices like unicore, solids, abstract designs, wood patterns, metals, and digital styles. If you need something cost-effective and unique, laminate sheets are a perfect choice for your wardrobes!

Laminates and panels have grown in popularity because of numerous factors. From feasibility to durability to easy maintenance to scratch –resistance to ambient temperature resistance, and longevity: You name it and they have it. That’s what makes them so close to our hearts. They can spice up our homes and help us stay in style – all in a manner that fits our budget and our aesthetic sense.

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