Decorative Laminates are a stunning option to beautify your home interiors. 0.8 mm Decorative Laminates are undoubtedly the one stop solution that not only enhances the overall aesthetic value to your space but also improves the longevity of furniture, wall, floor, etc. The visually appealing laminate sheets adds a real sense of beauty, glamour, and touch to living space, wardrobe, kitchen, walls, etc.

There are numerous laminate manufacturers that promise to offer high-quality laminates, but in recent years, Manilam Decorative Panel has emerged as the undisputed player in the decor industry, it offers very high quality decorative laminate sheets.

What makes 0.8 mm Decorative Laminates the best alternative to hardwood veneer?

In comparison to hardwood veneer, laminate sheets are budget-friendly. Also, the textures and colours of 0.8mm laminates highly resemble natural wood.

Here are the top reasons why Manilam Laminates are the best solutions for home decor

  • Quick & Easy Installation Options
  • 0.8 mm laminates require low maintenance, saves money
  • Budget-friendly price
  • High durability that lasts for years to come
  • Available in a Wide Range of Colours and Textures
  • 100% Pure Phenolic Product
  • Commendable colour fastness as a result of the main pigment used on the latest intercontinental designs
  • Suitability for modular furniture, desk fronts, cabinets, wall racks, kitchen and workstations
  • Thermo forming of the laminates to the lowest radii of curving and bull nosing for convex
  • Higher Elasticity, smoother surface with no sharp curves after forming giving a clean and uncluttered look
  • One stop solution decor material – Best decor sheets for commercial and residential spaces

Home decor consumes a lot of time and money, everything needs to be planned for a perfect execution. Manilam Decorative Panel offers the best quality 0.8 mm Decorative Laminates that are not only easy to install, but also saves a lot of money. For more information, call us – +91-8448448917, email us –